What Others Have to Say

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Hello My name is Keri Moyer.  I will be 22 very soon. Let's just say I'm not 22 in the Lord. I have been a christain since I was 16. I felt stuck.  I still do sometimes but then I listen to your music and it gives me hope.  Thank you for having great music. The one song reminds me of points in my own life, the song "Wouldn't Change a Thing".  Thank you so much!

Thank you for coming to Shady Pine. It was a night filled with a special anointing. Lives were changed as hearts and physical bodies were healed. There was nothing but GOD'S LOVE flowing in that entire place when you began to truly minister. An atmosphere of love, acceptance, forgiveness, restoration, healing and wholeness. All because you were obedient. Thank you for allowing the love that is within you to pour forth into the hearts of others. Your rewards will be great!

Thank you for all the wonderful music !! When i need lifted up, I listen to your music. God is really working through you all !!!!

Just wanted to thank you all "hugely" for coming to the Quakertown area and giving us a fantastic concert honoring our Lord and Savior! At our community picnic the next day I had many people coming up to me asking where I got a hold of you all and many regrets from others that did not attend -now they wish they had. I'm praying that you're music gets out in this area and you will be invited to other area churches/groups--or better yet an outdoor concert in a park where all can hear the fantastic music praising our Lord!! You all are very talented, blessed musicians that can convey God's wonderful power/grace and glory in song! I thank Him for you all! Praying that Chris' little one is healing steadily--truly God's miracle for his survival and for His continued cure. Looking forward to praising our Lord with you all very soon!! May God continue to bless you all!!

You guys are awesome! Your music and sharing from the heart touched many lives at the Youth Forestry Camp! Thank-you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and your music that attracted these boys to leave their dorms and come to the concert. There were 21 boys that made a decision to serve the Lord that night, thank-you for being the catalyst to bring them to Christ. May God richly bless you and your ministry and music!

I guess I know you guys peronally and all, I want you guys to know that you all have been nothing but a positive influence in my life, and your song "Overwhelmed" has helped me greatly, especially through this time of transition from knowing what my life was going to consist of, with the marines and all, and then getting a kick in the face and having to change, and through all this God has overwhelmed me with his love, and I thank you guys for being there for me, I love you guys, THANKS A LOT!
oh and just for some laughs " Honestly who throws a cupcake" Brodie?

I was getting ready for youth group tonight, and my dad came home, and he starts crying (my dad NEVER cries), and he said something was wrong with his heart...my mom starts worrying and decides to call 911...(you should know, my dad has had 2 heart attacks before) anyways, I started crying, because I was SO scared for my dad! On the way to the hospital, I started singing N2N song "Rejoice", and it made me smile! I sang it over and over again in my head, and it gave me hope and comfort! My dad isn’t saved, and I have tried EVERYTHING to help! I really believe this was his FINAL wakeup call! God finally got through to him, so on the way home I had your guy's CD, and I listened to "No Time Like Now", and it made me think of my dad! Anyways...moral of the story is...your guy's song gave me a different perspective in a VERY bad situation! I'm still worried, but I'm not crying, or sad anymore! Thanks...It really helps! So. I thought you might like to hear that story...told ya it was good, but sad!
Keep Rockin For Jesus!

Hey. you all did amazing at the big mac ski attack. i love your new song rejoice. its great. keep it up. =]

wow you guys were amazing at Big Mac! That song Rejoice was unbelievable, i relate to that song so much ebcause im goin through some hard times atm, so it jsut reminds me to keep rejoicin God for all teh good things and bad, thanks for being there at Big Mac!

WOW! what a great praise and worship night you led @ Mt. Rock on! Thanks so much. I never get tired of listening to you guys! Blessings to you

I think you guys should definitely keep writing more together. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to our God Camp. It was a great experience having you all lead us into worship.

Hey you guys were amazing out there at the Big Mac winter retreat this past weekend. I loved all of your songs and I didn't want the weekend to end. I think that a lot of the songs that we did were amazing and touched many people. The time that we had on Saturday night was amazing and that Let It Rain song was perfect for the whole thing. I remember when I made that commitment 4 years ago, and I loved every minuet of it. So I know that all those kids and even some adults will cherish that moment forever. As a leader for our youth group is was really cool to see the handful of kids that went up there. It touched all of the leaders that were there. Well I just wanted to say Thank You and your great. Keep up the good work.